My Name is Rosie Rinsler. Art is my passion.

My greeting cards have been called whimsical, abstract, psychedelic, and diverse. I love to make artwork that makes people feel happy. I have displayed work at The Alliance of Queens Artists, Jackson Heights Art Club, Office of Mental Health, and Hudson Guild. I am currently selling my cards at 10 different boutiques, galleries,  and card shops.

My influences and favorite artists are Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Peter Max and Vincent Van Gogh. My greatest accomplishment has been designing the CD cover for a well known band that has opened for Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, and many others, called Aztec Two-Step. It is a tribute CD of Simon and Garfunkel music, and my cover has a '60s, psychedelic motif. I've also illustrated two books, A Beautiful Life and Living in the Comfort Zone.  To see and order them, go to my More page.

Besides this CD, I've also designed business cards and brochures for organizations.

If you want to buy creative and original greeting cards, you're at the right address. The recipients of your cards will have real conversation pieces. I also sell larger, 8 1/2 x 11 inch, pieces.

With love forever,

Rosie Rinsler


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New Book!!   New Book!!   New Book!!

                                     Check out my latest book!

                              Inspirational Words (& Art Work) 

It's a collection of positive thoughts and ideas I believe will lead to a happier life for everyone.  Artwork included, of course.

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                                                          Photo by Leigh Harrison                                                                                    -for Leigh's poetry books, music and more visit...                                                                                      

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